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Palm Pre Transparent Luxmo Rubber Protector Case Clear (Sprint & Verizon)


  • $19.95

What's cooler than our new line of transparent rubber case! Made to fit on your wireless device without making it bulky, it gives your wireless device some added protection. Using new technology, this clear hard shell case has a rubber soft touch to it. Many colors to choose from and more to come. These cases will keep your device cool during the summer heat. Get them now before they are all gone. Please call us for more details.


Instructions on how to install the case for Palm Pre:

Step 1. Firmly snap in the lower right hinge first.
Step 2. Clip lower left hinge firmly in place
Step 3. Clip the top right hinge in place.
Step 4. Finally clip the top left hinge in place and the case should fit perfect.

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